Alternative Artisan Cheese Subscriptions | Monthly UK Delivery

Here are our alternative monthly cheese subscriptions, choose between gluten-free or a cheese subscription with no blue cheese included. A monthly selection of delicious British Artisan Cheeses delivered to your doorstep. Choose a continuous monthly subscription that is the perfect way to try our newest and most exciting cheeses. Bring on a new cheesy adventure with our cheese subscriptions. You will soon discover our ever-growing range of cheddar truckles, cheese barrels, and guest cheeses. Now doesn’t that sound grate? 


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Monthly Cheese Subscription Box | Choose from Gluten-free or No Blue Cheese

The ideal cheese subscriptions if you are gluten-free or not a fan of blue cheese. Here at The Chuckling Cheese Company, we have you covered with our wide variety of options to choose from to suit your needs. In all of our subscription boxes, you will receive FREE UK delivery and 5 cheeses every month!


Our gluten-free cheese subscription has been curated with gluten-free cheeses that have been carefully handpicked by our team to suit your dietary requirements. 


With our non-blue cheese subscription, you will receive a box of 5 cheeses with no blue cheeses included. 


Every month we will take you on a cheese adventure no matter which subscription you choose. You will receive a selection of our award-winning cheeses, and regular guest cheeses to discover. You may even find your newest favourite cheese!


Your cheese subscription box will contain a minimum of 5 delicious cheeses, that will come with 2-6 weeks best before date. This gives you plenty of time to enjoy on their own or added to your tasty home-cooked dishes!

Why Choose Monthly Cheese Subscriptions? 

You get exclusive cheese!


Our monthly cheese subscribers will be the first out of all Chuckling Cheese Customers to try new cheeses that we are looking to bring out. We will reserve exclusive cheeses just for you. 

You will get treated to perks!


In our cheese subscriptions, you won't just receive any 5 delicious cheeses but you will also get to try some guest cheeses, and you’ll even get FREE UK Delivery.


Paying monthly means you get the best price!


A monthly subscription means you’re getting the cheese at a better price. Making Cheese Subscriptions the best money saver. Think about it, our individual cheese truckles are priced at £4.95 each, and in our subscriptions, you get 5!