Couples Personalised Heart Shaped Platter

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Are you struggling for a gift? Here is our Heart Shaped and Personalisable Slateboard is perfect for friends family and a adorable couple.


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Served with love | Personalised Heart Shaped Slate Board


Take your celebrations to the next level with this beautiful Personalised Slate board, shaped like a heart. The perfect gift for cheese lovers. A romantic dinner can be turned into a cozy night in with cheese, condiments and wine. 


Nothing is better than spending the night in with the perfect condiments, With this slate board why not try our Classic Cheese Board Selection box? Dive deep into classic cheddar flavours, crackers and chutney. Nothing beats a classic cheese board. Try it for yourself. Don't forget a glass of wine. We recommend checking out our drinks section, there's many to choose from.


This slate board is easy to wash & clean.

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