Cheese & Wine Heart Slate Board | Personalise

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A combination which cannot separate, just like X and Y, they go together like Cheese and Wine. 


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Personalised Heart Shaped Slate Board


Name a better combination than Cheese and Wine. It sings Luxury and deliciousness everytime you say it. 


Personalise a heart shaped slate board to represent your never ending love for cheese. Simply click the ‘personalisation’ box and enter your name. 


The perfect gift for birthdays, occasions, anniversaries, and more. 


Have the enjoyment of a great traditional combination in a British country pub but in the comfort of your own home.


Grab your favourite cheese, crackers and chutney, then cover it onto this cheese board and grab your favourite wine to enjoy with. 


Not sure what to add to the slate board? 


We recommend our Cheese & Wine Box, filled with vintage cheddar, delicious caramelised red onion chutney, a small bottle of wine, a pack of crackers and a mini jar of chutney. Nothing more, nothing less. The perfect condiments for you to enjoy with this slate board. Tuck in!


All of our slate boards are handcrafted by our Team here at the Chuckling Cheese Company. Made easy to clean and handle. 


Net Weight (g)
  • 495
  • The Chuckling Cheese Co
  • Slate
Dimensions (cm)
  • 25 x 25 x1.5

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