A Chuckling Cheese Handmade Oak Cheeseboard With #Cheese Engraved On It.

#Cheese Engraved Oak Chopping Board

SKU: 3307

A durable, lightweight cheese board made for all cheese lovers. 

A great way to pile your favourite cheddar cheeses onto one board ready to be devoured, and over again!



Engraved with #Cheese Oak Chopping Board


Are you tired of using an ordinary plate for your cheese? Here at Chuckling Cheese we have a wide range of cheese boards. 


Engraved with #Cheese you tell everyone what this chopping board is used for. A cheese lover's true prized possession. Pile your most delicious cheddar cheese and condiments and enjoy. 


Why not complete the cheese board with…


  • The classic cheese board gift box

  • Our Cheese Knife set


All of our engraved cheese boards are all handmade here at Chuckling Cheese.



  • The Chuckling Cheese Company
  • Oak wood
Dimensions (cm)
  • 25 x 18 x 1.2

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