5 Creamy Fudge Bar Selection Gift Box


5 Fudge Bars is a Sweet Treats Gift Box! Create your own bespoke fudge gift box by choosing your own flavours. With a larger range of fudge flavours to choose a few are highlighted below

  • Creamy Fudge - Traditional creamy fudge recipe
  • Vanilla Fudge - Award winning vanilla fudge with a delicious creamy texture. A classic but undoubtedly our best seller.
  • Oreo Fudge - The crunchy cookie topped vanilla fudge bar.
  • Millionaire Shortbread Fudge - Creamy with a crunchy biscuit style base.
  • Lemon Cheesecake Fudge - A fudge that is full of zing from the lemon, what a fudging combination.
  • Rocky Road - Smooth chocolate infused fudge topped with mini marshmallow puffs.


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Fudge Selection Box


Create a bespoke gift box with five fudges of your choice!

Lots of flavours to choose from there is something for everyone.

Our super rich and creamy fudge will not disappoint the fudge lovers out there!


Choose from the following flavours:

Bailey's Fudge - Delicious and lovely Bailey's flavour fudge for those with a sweet tooth.

Belgian Chocolate Fudge - Delectable Belgian chocolate and fudge together, the perfect confectionary treat.

Caramel Fudge - Enjoy the sweet and luxurious taste of our caramel flavour fudge!

Cherry & Almond Fudge - One of the country's favourite flavour combinations, now in fudge form!

Chocolate & Orange Fudge - One layer of chocolate and one layer of orange makes up this delightful fudge!

Clotted Cream Fudge - Everyone's all time favourite fudge!

Coffee & Cream Fudge - A wonderfully creamy fudge full of coffee goodness!

Creamy Fudge - Keep things simple with this delicious creamy fudge!

Maple & Walnut Fudge - Have a taste of Canada with this maple and walnut fudge.

Marz Fudge Creamy vanilla fudge topped with chunks of nougat, caramel and chocolate!

Millionaires Fudge - Rich and flavourful millionaire chocolate flavour fudge!

Mint Chocolate Fudge - Have a mint time with this chocolate and mint combination fudge.

Oreo Fudge - Like Oreos and fudge? Then you'll love this Oreo cookie fudge!

Peanut Butter Fudge - A smooth fudge containing deliciously nutty peanut butter.

Peanut Crunch Fudge - A peanut flavoured fudge with crunchy peanuts layering the top!

Rainbow Button Fudge - Creamy vanilla fudge topped with little rainbow chocolate beans!

Rocky Road Fudge - A sweet milk chocolate flavour fudge topped with spongy marshmallows.

Sea Salt & Caramel Fudge - Enjoy a taste of the seaside with this sea salt and caramel fudge!

Sneeckers Fudge - A familiar-sounding flavour sporting a peanut, chocolate, and caramel filling.

Toffee Chunk Fudge - It's a chunky toffee flavour fudge!

Vanilla Fudge - Keep it vanilla with this vanilla flavour fudge!


Take your time in building the ultimate fudge gift box for that sweet treat loving friend or loved one. More flavours being added regularly to our fudge selection.


Due to the nature of our fudge being artisan we may on occasion have shortages and may need to make substitution with the nearest like for like option..

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Storage Instructions
  • Ambient
Estimated Shelf Life
  • 3-7 Months
Suitable for Vegetarians
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Suitable for Vegans
  • No
Net Weight (g)
  • 750
  • The Chuckling Cheese Co
Dairy Free
  • No
Gluten Free
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Dimensions (cm)
  • 22 x 17 x 5.5

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