Comedy Beer & Cider

Our Delicious range of Comedy Beers & Ciders

Here at the Chuckling Cheese Company, we are so delighted to bring our community our range of Comedy Beers and Ciders. These Drinks are made perfectly to pair with our Cheddar Cheeses and are best served chilled, but ice can be added or maybe a drop of lemon or lime for extra freshness.

We also include these in our most popular products such as the gift boxes or gift hampers. We combined cheese, crackers, chutney and snacks with our awesome comedy beer and cider into an affordable gift box made for anyone and their budget. Here at The Chuckling Cheese you spend less for luxury items. Shopping couldn’t get any better.

These Beers and Ciders are great  after a hard week at work. Enjoy the weekend the right way with some beer or cider and some cheese. They are great for birthdays, hamper fillers, Christmas or a treat for yourself. Crack open a bottle and kick back and enjoy the weekend to yourself.

Grab a bottle or a few to fill your fridge or cooler. Get ready for any occasion with beer and ciders. It could be at a barbecue, wedding, picnic or a family gathering. There are lots of drinks to choose from, your new favourite one is waiting to be found.