Non Alcoholic Beer

Zero Percent Alcohol (0%)


Are you the designated driver? 

Here at The Chuckling Cheese Company, we are thrilled to introduce our new non-alcoholic beers. These beers have really raised their game in the past couple of years, if you’re looking for a booze-free drink to your usual craft beers you’re in for a surprise. 

Our incredible non-alcoholic beers bring you all the fun and flavour in each sip… and the best part is without the hangover. Drinks made for designated drivers, now they can enjoy a drink with friends and not worry about how to get home. Our zero percent beer is just like juice. 

The perfect gift for non-drinkers, birthday’s, Christmas, or Valentines. The safer option on a night out, but still a joyful drink. They have been specifically chosen for their deliciously refreshing taste and are best served chilled. 

Why not add something more cheesy and crunchy to your drink? Here at The Chuckling Cheese we have over 40 different flavours of Cheddar Cheeses and a huge range of crackers and chutney to enjoy with each slice. 

We also bring all these things in a handmade gift box for all your friends and family to enjoy. Add our engraved cheese boards to your order and our knife set for easy and precise cutting for your cheese and enjoy. 

Don’t forget your non-alcoholic beer to go with and enjoy.