Introducing Mexican Sweet Chill Cheddar

Mexican Sweet Chilli Cheese

Arriba, Arriba! You asked, we delivered. We are so excited that an old favourite has returned to our  cheese range! We hope you enjoy this cheese, whether you loved it before or you are trying it for the first time.
Mexican, Gin & Vintage Cheddar cheeses

What is it?

Creamy cheddar cheese infused with lime, apricot and chilli. It’s perfect for people who love a little bit of spice! The sweet apricot and citrusy lime adds a little bit extra to the cheese. Pick this one up and you will be transported to a delicious Mexican feast!
Mexican Chilli Cheddar Cheese

Serving Suggestions!

There’s so many ways to try this cheese not only by reinventing classic mexican dishes, but also and by adding a cheesy chilli kick to other tasty treats. Here are a few serving suggestions to get you started.
  1. Burritos- The perfect way to use up some leftovers. One of our favourites is chicken, mexican style rice, salad and Mexican sweet chilli cheese.
  2. Nachos- Get the guacamole and the nachos! A perfect snack for a movie night. Generously top Mexican Sweet Chilli cheese on top of your tortilla chips, warm in the microwave for a few seconds and watch the melting cheesy goodness!
  3. Cheese & Pineapple sticks- use this cheese to give your guests a surprise! The mixture of apricot and lime will work perfectly with the pineapple chunks and the chill kick of the cheese.
  4. Stuffed Chicken Breast- Stuff your chicken with this delicious cheese and wrap with bacon. Serve with rice, spicy tomato sauce and black beans for a tasty Mexican inspired meal.
  5. Smokey BBQ Pulled Pork Tacos- Use our kick in the ribs BBQ sauce (available in mild, medium and hot) as a sauce for your pulled pork. Top with grated cheese for a flavour explosion. Smokey, sweet, spicy and citrus all in one!