Introducing Rum & Pineapple Cheddar

Rum & Pineapple Cheese

We are very excited that our newest cheese is now available for you to try! Pineapple and Cheese have always been a classic combination and the delicious hint of rum just adds something a little bit special to the overall taste! We’re getting serious Pina Colada vibes.
Serving Suggestions

Picked up the cheese and looking for some meal inspiration? You’ve come to the right place.
1- Jerk Chicken Pitta- Load your pitta with spicy jerk chicken, salad and grated cheese!
2- Digestive Biscuit or Cheese Wafer- Simple but delicious, this quick snack really lets the cheese shine through
3-Pizza- Some people love it, others loathe it. Pineapple on Pizza! Try this combination instead- cheese and pineapple flavours in one.
4-Cheese Scones- make your summer scones extra luxurious with sweet pineapple and rum cheese!
5-Charcuterie Board- You can’t beat lots of nibbles on a wooden board. Select your favourite biscuits, cold meats, olives and other tasty snacks! Don’t forget cubes of cheese