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Jarred Chutney & Pickles | Cheese Condiments

If you love pairing cheese with condiments then this selection is for you. You can find almost any flavour your taste buds desire. If you are a cheese lover, you must know how amazing pairing cheese with chutney and pickles is! 

Pair your favourite cheese with our very own selection of The Chuckling Cheese Company Chutney and Pickles and unlock the mouthwatering taste sensation! Discover this range of delicious artisan chutneys, pickles, pickled onions and much more to find your new, perfect pairing for cheese. 

That’s why we have included our chutneys and pickles in a variety of our popular cheese gift boxes and hampers, making them the ideal foodie gift for anyone, and any occasion. 

Whether you are building a cheeseboard for yourself or a family gathering, chutney and pickles are the ideal addition to uplift each cheese and cracker combination. With our awesome range of condiments, you will find that the possibilities are endless. See what chutney, pickle and cheese combinations you can come up with. Why don’t you give it a try? You won’t be disappointed.

The difference between Chutney and Pickle

Chutney and Pickle are both savoury, spicy, sour or sweet in flavour. They are often used to help enhance the flavours of a dish, or in this case, cheese. They can both be used as a dip or condiment, that can be stored and then used on a daily basis. 

Although they are used for similar things, they’re very different. Let’s not get confused… the difference is that chutney is prepared using vegetables and fruits blended into a smooth and delicious paste, but pickle is prepared using vegetables and fruits dried in sunlight, preserved in a vinegar and salt solution to ensure the pickles last a longer period of time. This makes them crunchy, but deliciously, sour, salty and savoury, making them the ideal condiment for cheese as they deliver so much flavour.