Frequently Asked Questions


How long will our cheeses last?

The life on our cheeses varies:
  • Our cheddar cheeses come with 2-6 months life on them (this is unopened)
  • Soft Cheeses 3-5 weeks 

How long will a cheese last once opened?

We advise that our cheeses will last 10-14 days once opened. You should keep them wrapped and in your fridge. After this amount of time will normally start to dry out on the exterior this can be cut off or grated.

Can the cheese be frozen?


All our cheeses can be frozen yes.

You can freeze them in the original packaging or you can store them in slices, grated or blocks in a sealed freezer bag.

They can be frozen for upto 6 months. When defrosting you should place the cheese in the fridge so it defrosts slowly and holds its texture & flavour.



Can I place an order for a later date?

Yes during the checkout process you will have the option to choose the date you require the parcel.

Is it possible to add a gift message to an order?

You can add a gift message to your cheese gift order during checkout.

I am sending a gift and don't want any pricing information sent in the parcel, is this possible?

All our dispatched parcels are sent only with a delivery note (which includes any gift message). The delivery note has no financial amounts or information on it.


Where do I find Allergen information?

All allergens and ingredients can be find on the individual product pages.


How should I compose a cheeseboard?

  It's better to put out three decent peices of cheese, rather than lots of small pieces. Offering a range of cheese styles, types and textures is a great option. You can purchase The Chuckling Cheese Company selection boxes which contain a range of cheeses suitable for this balance.