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Shop Cheese For Summer! 



Browse our seasonal range of artisan cheese and gifts for the summer days. In our contemporary range of cheese and gifts we have exciting Summer Cheese Treats to get you ready for a brie-lliant summer. 


Whether you’re looking for some self indulgence or a lovely nibble with fellow cheese lovers, our range of cheese truckles and barrels will ensure you have the tastiest time. Shop and discover our range of summer cheeses that make the ideal addition to any summer antics like barbecues, parties, and small get togethers. Add a touch of vibrant cheese to your summertime cheeseboard!



Cheese Gifts For Summer 



Summer time is the season where we all look forward to seeing our closest friends and family, no matter the occasion this summer, our wonderful cheese gifts will make the perfect choice to wow those around you. Choose between just cheese gift boxes, cheese & snacks, cheese & beer or if you really want to impress select our indulgent cheese & wine gift boxes and hampers for a touch of luxury to your summer antics! 


Are you looking to fire up the old family barbecue? Then you might need some sauces, or even chilli jams to spice up your summer barbecue. Here at The Chuckling Cheese Company, we don’t just sell cheese, we have everything you need to make your food pairings even better with deliciously spicy chilli jams and hot sauces to go with your burgers, hot dogs or loaded fries. Get everyone excited this summer with the perfect chilli jams and sauces to make any BBQ, or summer picnic light with flavour. 



Our Chilli Jams For Summer BBQs 



Our range of gourmet chilli jams are made to be versatile in anything you wish to add them to. No matter the spice level, our chilli jams can be dolloped, spreaded or even dipped straight from the jar. Whether you’re looking for an extra spicy condiment, or something with a subtle fiery flavour, we have what you need to satisfy your cravings. 



Our Hot Sauces For Summer BBQs



Are you looking for some delicious hot sauce to add to your summer barbecues? Drizzle a touch of hot sauce on top of your burger, hot dogs, loaded fries or chicken wings with our hot sauces. Made to become the perfect condiment to add a touch of spicy flavours to your summer barbecues and picnics. The ideal hot sauce if you love a fiery kick! 



Cooking The Tastiest Foods For Summer! 



Summer is of course the hottest season of the year, it’s time to enjoy some delicious food while the sun is out before it’s cold and shivering again. However, choosing the perfect food is on everyone’s list. Ensuring what food to eat during hot weather can be quite difficult, as it’s summer and everyone wants to enjoy their favourites. However, there’s not a written rule about what foods to eat and what foods not to eat. Although, we recommend roasted vegetables, freshly cut salad, a crunchy baguette, halloumi, cheddar cheese, chicken, steak, beef, fish, you name it…Just BBQ it! 


Don’t forget your classic 5 per day fruits like apples, strawberry, cherry, blueberries, bananas to hydrate the cells in your body, which will help your body temperature cool down during the hot summer days, the best part is that you don’t need to turn on your air conditioning - which also helps you save!