Celebration Cheese Cakes

A cheese wedding cake can make a big impression at a wedding reception. A cheese wedding cake is a selection of our fine cheeses stacked to give the impression of a traditional wedding cake.

Not just for weddings these cheesecakes make the perfect celebration centrepiece for birthdays, anniversaries and more. 

With our celebration cheese cakes you can customise and create a selection of cheese that matches your tastes to give the perfect centrepiece to all your guests. 

Allow them to party all night with something to nibble on, these cheeses will not go stale, when the night is finished you can simply save it for later, there is no waste at all and our cheeses can be refrigerated or frozen. 

How big should my cheesecake be? This completely depends on your occasion, speak to an expert. If you would like to try our cheeses before purchasing, you can buy one of our build your own gift boxes and taste test with your friends and family. 

NOTE: The Chuckling Cheese does not offer sampling. 

What makes a celebration cheese cake look so good? Well, it’s not just its towering layers of cheese but also the decoration. You can have your friends and family decorate your cheesecake for you. 

Don’t forget to add the flowers and the delicious fruits. Checkout our wide range of chutney and crackers. Add all the amazing cheese accompaniments that complement cheese wonderfully, your spread will have your guests wanting more. 

Our Celebration Cheese Cakes are available to purchase online and instore.