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Siciliana Olive Pot
Olive Pots 2 for £7
Organic La Verde Olive Pot
Olive Pots 2 for £7
Organic Kalamata Olive Pot
Olive Pots 2 for £7

Olive for the enchanting taste of olives and antipasti

Olives have a distinctive taste, with many people either loving, or hating them. Our carefully selected range of juicy, flavoursome olives and antipasti will make even a hater love them. 

Whether you are looking to buy a treat for yourself, a foodie gift for a loved one or looking to put together a fabulous buffet or treating your dinner guests with a beautiful cheese board and it’s accompaniments. If you’re looking for more delicious snacks to be placed on your layout dinner buffet, checkout our full range of cheddar cheese gifts. We have over 40 different flavours. Don’t forget to keep those around you hydrated, checkout our drinks section ranging from comedy beers, ciders, wine and more.

We have lots of Olives to choose from, which one will be your next favourite flavour? And don’t forget to benefit from our fantastic multibuy savings, and check out our wide range of luxurious cheese gift boxes, where you can build your own and add all the snacks you need in one box for yourself or a loved one, put together by our experts here at The Chuckling Cheese.