Cheese Gift hampers

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Here at The Chuckling Cheese Company, we have a proud and exquisite range of over 45 cheese gift hampers, which make the ideal gift for a friend or family member across any special occasion. Birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, we have them all covered to save you surfing the internet for hours on end. 

Explore our awesome and cheese-packed range of gift hampers which are all handmade and put together by our team here at Chuckling Cheese. A wonderful foodie gift that is filled with delicious cheddars and its cracking condiments! Chutneys, crackers, beer, gin you name it, it’s there. 

Do you have dietary restrictions to consider? Don’t worry, we also cater for all dietary requirements with our Gluten-free & Vegan Products. Our carefully curated gifts are filled with the most delicious foodies suited for all dietary needs. Whether you are Gluten-free or vegan-free our gift hampers and it’s contents are not taste-free! 

Choose a ready made cheese hamper or build your own and add the recipient's favourite cheeses and condiments and create your own cheese gift box with selected gift hampers. Our Luxury Cheese hampers Range starts from £20.00 making our cheese gifts affordable, if you want to bring your gift to the next level shop our larger gift boxes with more in them! Everything here, small, medium or large is suitable for all ages, and budgets. Free Shipping Over £20! 

What’s in a Cheese Hamper?

It’s filled with everything you need to complete a scrumptious cheese board to enjoy whenever you please. In a traditional cheese hamper you would receive a small bottle of beer or gin, along with some cheese, crackers and chutney to make the ultimate foodie gift. Just like our handmade gift boxes filled with everything you are looking for in a cheese hamper. Cheese, chutney, crackers, snacks and a drink to wash everything down! 

Why Choose Cheese Gift Hampers? 

It’s the perfect way to show your love for a friend or family member. The world of cheese hampers wide possibilities, which allow your loved ones to experience an array of cheeses they love or are yet to try. 

Cheese is a food that you can enjoy by itself or in a combination of other foods. Cheese is highly versatile with what you put with it. You can construct the most eye-catching and tasty cheese board with our cheese hampers.