Botanist Gin & Tonic Cheddar

Botanists Gin & Tonic Cheese

Right now your thinking Gin & Tonic in a cheese?!

We agree it is one of our more unusual cheeses, but it works superbly well. Granted its not been created to be melted a top a delicious bowl of pasta or on a quick cheese on toast snack.

This cheese takes centre stage when your looking for something sweeter to nibble on.
What is it?

Our Botanist Gin & Tonic Cheddar Cheese is a creamy mature cheddar infused with juniper berries & a drop of gin itself the secret ingredients we add that tonic zing to the end of the tasting.
Serving Suggestions

Now your thinking how can i use this intriguing cheese aren't you? Well think now more.
  1. Simple sweet canope - Using a small sweet or neutral biscuit and a slither of the cheese and then top with a drop of strawberry preserve. Add a fresh sliced strawberry for even deeper flavours.
  2. Fruit Salad - Mix together a fruit salad filled with all your favourites and top with a grating of our gin cheese or mix in small cubes.
  3. Use as a topping for yogurt dishes.
  4. Dip chunks into melted dark chocolate
  5. Other items to add with this cheese to create a sweet cheeseboard would be various fresh or dried fruits along with nuts both sweet and savoury.
  6. Of course all these suggestions could probably be accompanied with a Gin & Tonic of your choosing.