Why Pork Scratchings are the healthier option

When we talk about pork scratchings, their history is clouded in mystery. They have said that they originate in the West Midlands or Black country. So we might never know the true story behind Britain's iconic pub snack. 


According to foodie historians, butchers started selling pork scratchings in the 1930s, but because pork scratchings have such a clouded history, they were believed to be in the market over 100 years ago in the West Midlands. 


You may not be aware but pork scratchings are a traditional pub snack that can be found all over the world. Many countries have similar products but with their own cultural twist. 


Our neighbours in Europe, the Spanish, eat a range of products made from slices of pork rind, as part of their famous Tapas appetisers. Like here in the UK, they often eat them in bars and cafes. 


You might have realised that they are always standing next to a bag of crisps in your favourite local pub. Why? Well, these two crunchy snacks are the most popular pub nibbles and are constantly competing against one another. 


Why are pork scratchings the healthier option to your regular packet of crisps?


Pork scratchings are high in fat, however, two thirds of all the fat in pork scratchings is actually mono and polyunsaturated fats, which means it’s beneficial for heart health. Pork scratchings also have a high protein content, which keeps you fuller for a longer duration. 

High in Collagen


Collagen is the most plentiful protein in the human body, which is found in the bones, muscles, skin, and tendons. It is beneficial for muscle repair, and a balanced diet requires it. 


The best part is that  pork scratchings are full of it. It’s simple, if you let your collagen levels drop… so will everything else that requires it. By keeping the levels high you can also improve your sleep quality, according to 10 Reasons to Eat More Collagen by Mark Sisson.


Tell me more about potato crisps


In comparison to your regular packet of potato crisps, eating them regularly can have a major impact on your health. They are filled with so many unhealthy ingredients, and simply do not provide enough vitamins and minerals required for the human body. 


Another concern about potato crisps is that they’re fried in oil, which means they’re high in fat. The fat content gives you the energy your body needs, but they definitely have no nutritional value.


So yes, pork scratchings are definitely the healthier option. They’re great for your hair and skin, so maybe we should all start showering in them?!


Here at The Chuckling Cheese Company we have a wide variety of pork scratchings to choose from, made with the most tasty seasoning from classic original to BBQ. But if you’re looking for a spicy kick, then the Habanero flavour will serve you well. 


Can I still eat pork scratchings on Keto?

Pork scratchings are perfect for the keto diet. This is because pork scratchings contain very little carbohydrates, which means your blood levels won’t be spiking during your day. They are the ideal substitute for cereal, breadcrumbs, fried chicken and more.


However, consuming too much protein on a Keto diet could take you out of the program. We cannot tell you how often you should eat pork scratchings as we are not your personal nutritionist. 

Pub snacks have been a long time favourite. Depending on what you are into, everyone has their own perfect partner when enjoying a lovely, ice cold pint. So yes, enjoy a ‘meat and drink’ next time you visit a pub. 


Most pub visitors consume their drink with pork snacks. Pub snacks have been a long traditional favourite, but pork scratchings have a distinct combination of a hard crunch but a soft and savoury texture. Although, scotch eggs, pickled eggs, olives, and wasabi sticks are also preferred snacks. 


Next time you visit your local pub ensure you grab a pint with a pack of pork scratchings. You will not be disappointed. 


But are you an indoor kind of person, but love a drink along with a crunchy savoury snack? Or maybe you are stuck indoors this weekend? 


Bring the pub home with our beer & cheese gift box


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