The Perfect Cheese Picnic

Nothing says summer and warm weather like a picnic! If you’re wondering where Britain’s love for picnics have came from you’ll be interested to know that the middle ages saw the beginnings of picnics in Britain! It was food brought out to the huntsmen while they were on horseback.

The word is French in origin and dates back to 1692 as ‘pique-nique’.
Pique is (‘to peck’ or ‘to pick’) and the noun nique (‘a small amount’ or ‘nothing whatsoever’).
Want to know the perfect picnic must haves? Then read on!
Your picnic Is only as good as the food! So make sure you chose a lovely fresh spread that doesn’t require too much faffing! You’ll want a little bit of savoury and a little bit of sweet to satisfy everyone!

Grab your blanket and picnic basket and fill it with goodies!

Picky bits

Take some little nibbles along with you for everyone to enjoy, how about crackers and dip? Or a selection of yummy cheese for a mini cheese board! These taste amazing and take little to no preparation.

The perfect Picnic Cheeseboard:
  1. Creamy Blue Cheese such as our Skegness Blue

  2. Strong Vintage Cheddar

  3. Add a little spice with  Hot & Spicy

  4. Something Fruity with Mango or Cranberry

  5. And something out of the ordinary such as Botanist Gin & Tonic or one of our Garlic or Black Pepper cheeses.

Cheese’s Best Friends
  1. Chutney or Pickle

  2. Charcuterie Meats including, Ham, salami & chorizo

  3. Biscuits or Crackers to give some crunch and texture

  4. Olives & antipasti

  5. Bread, you cannot beat a freshly baked loaf topped with your favourite cheese and pickle mmmmm

Of course you need refreshing drinks, juice for the kids and why not take a couple of beers or a cheeky pre made cocktail for the adults to sit back and enjoy!
Lastly don’t forget the sweet treats! Fresh fruit & chocolate bars are an easy choice, but If you’re wanting something a little different why not try our meringue bites, these can be popped with fresh fruit and cream for a gorgeous summery dessert that everyone will love!

Picnics are effortlessly amazing for a memorable afternoon! Find our perfect picnic pics down below!