Cheese Wedding Cake - Cheese Birthday Cake

A Lifestyle Product Image Of The Chuckles Celebration Cheese Cake Assembled And Rested On A Cheeseboard Decorated With Yellow And Pink Roses Presented On A Grey Background.
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A Lifestyle Product Image Of The All Rounder Celebration Cheese Cake Assembled And Rested On A Cheeseboard Decorated With Yellow And Red Roses, Tied With A White Ribbon And Accompanied With A
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Wedding Cheese Cake | Cheese Birthday Cake

Elevate your special day with our British Celebration Cheese Cake, the perfect center piece for your wedding reception. Handcrafted with the finest artisanal cheeses, this exquisite creation offers a delightful twist on traditional wedding cakes. Featuring a delectable selection of cheeses carefully layered to perfection, it's a true culinary masterpiece that will impress and delight your guests. Whether you're a cheese connoisseur or simply looking for a unique alternative to the classic wedding cake, our Cheese Wedding Cake is sure to make a statement. Celebrate your love with every savoury bite – order your cheese wedding cake today and make your big day truly unforgettable.

We have produced an extensive range of the finest British cheeses, including blue and award-winning cheese truckles to choose from. Our cheese celebration cakes are made from stacked cheese with a lovely large cheese wheel for the base to ensure they give an appearance of a traditional cake that really makes a great impression. 

How big should my celebration cake be? 

The size of your cheese cake completely depends on your occasion, speak to our experts for more advice. If you would like to try our cheeses before purchasing, you can buy one of our build-your-own gift boxes and taste test with your friends and family.

What makes a celebration cheese cake look so good?

Well, it’s not just its towering layers of cheese, but also the decoration. We recommend decorating your cheese cake with fresh or dried fruits, or flowers to add that extra wow factor. You can also opt for our Chutney and Cracker Bundle to give your guests the complete cheese experience.

Are these cheese cakes for weddings only?

No absolutely not we recommend our cheese cakes for a variety of events they make an amazing centre piece at corporate events, they make fantastic cheese Birthday cake

Why choose a cheese wedding cake?

If you are looking to party all night after the wedding, then cheese is a great idea, because it will not go stale. We all know that cakes do indeed go stale after a few hours, but having a celebration cheese cake would be highly beneficial if you are up partying all night. The best part is that our cheese can be frozen and refrigerated (for up to 6 months) and keep it’s original structure and flavour, which means there will be no mess at all. Just don’t forget to add your chutney, crackers, and fruits for a great cheese night all night! 

If you love cheese, be different!

Traditionally, weddings are presented with a towering centrepiece of sponge cake. Why don’t you be a little different? If you love cheese (like everyone else) then your guests will be super impressed with a towering cheese wedding cake centrepiece decorated with the finest fruits, crackers, and flowers, it will be irresistible to stare at.

The order process: Orders for our celebration cheese cakes, we kindly request that you place your order at least one month prior to your special occasion. However, if you require a cake sooner, please don't hesitate to contact us directly to check availability. In addition, our cheese cakes will arrive deconstructed which will require to be self-built. Please note that all of our waxed cheeses are all handmade and we do not guarantee they will all be “perfectly” round. All of our cheeses are subject to availability, we do not guarantee we have them all in stock.

Cheese MUST be stored below 5 degrees Celsius, if cakes have been stored incorrectly we will not be responsible for replacing them.


Cheese wedding cake | Cheese birthday cake