Chilli Jams

Sweet Chilli Jam, Available Now at The Chuckling Cheese Company
3 for £10

Chuckling Chilli Jams

Stay spicy with our expertly crafted selection of chilli jams, the perfect gift for the hot stuff in your life.

Our Chuckling Cheese chilli jams come in a selection of different heats and are guaranteed to enhance your cheese eating experience.

Our chilli jams are a great little treat for yourself or a perfect cheese gift accompaniment. We have a variety of chilli jam influenced gift ideas including our Chilli Lovers Gift Box which is packed full of all things chilli including Reaper Chilli Jam and of course lots of Chilli infused cheese.

Try adding our chilli jams when cooking to really give your food a boost Keep an eye on our blog for various ideas for our cheese, chilli jams and other products to make the most out of these delicious foodie treats.