Chilli Jams & Sauces

Sweet Chilli Jam, Available Now at The Chuckling Cheese Company
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Our Range of Chilli Jams & Sauces



Introducing our awesome spicy sauce and chilli jam range. Each of our jarred sauces and jams have been developed to bring out the flaming flavours of fresh, handpicked chillies as well as the heat they bring. In this specially curated range of chilli sauces, you will find that they are ranging from 1 to 10 on the heat scale, which will help you determine how brave you are. Are you brave enough to face the heat? 

Here at The Chuckling Cheese Company, we have crafted a fine selection of chilli jams and sauces that are a must-have for your kitchen, especially if you love all things spicy and are looking to spice up your home recipes. Each of our sauces and jams have been secured in a jar to keep the contents fresh and the heat contained ready to be lathered onto your plate. 

Within this extensive range of chilli jams and sauces, our most popular flavours include Garlic Chilli Jam, Scotch Bonnet Chilli Jam, Yorkshire Worlds Chilli Jam, Just Chillin’ Chilli Jam, and our Kick in The Ribs Sauce.

Each of our Chilli Jam Jars have been included in our spicy-themed cheese gift boxes, making them the ideal gift for those who love a spicy kick to their food. 



What can Chilli Jams be used for? 



Chilli Jams are incredibly versatile. They’re great with meat, cheeses, and sandwiches. In fact, they’re just like your typical condiment for cheese, but with a spicy kick, making them an amazing topping for cheese! Perk up your cheese and crackers with different sweet and spicy jams, depending on what heat you can handle. 

Or if your indulging in a foodie feast, then why not use our Chilli Jams as a great dipping sauce, or marinade for your favourite BBQ foods!