Grey background image of Chutney Gift Pack 1 containing three jars of traditional chutney, punchy pickle, tangy apple, and caramelised onion.
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Classic Chuckling Chutney & Pickle Gift Pack


Presenting this gorgeously boxed gift pack of our classic chutneys & pickles. The perfect gift box is filled with our gourmet chutneys & pickles to suit any cheeseboard. If you are looking to fulfil your cheese pairings, this chutney & pickle gift box is the one for you. 

Classic! Chutney & Pickle Gift Pack 


Chutney & Pickle make great condiments for almost everything, especially cheese, crackers, and toasties. They elevate your foods to take the flavours to a whole new level. If you are looking to gift a foodie, they will love this chutney & pickle gift box. 


What’s included in this gift box? 


Punchy Pickle - Britain’s classic pickle delivers a tangy, sweet and slightly spicy condiment that pairs well with any cheddar, cracker or even a ploughman’s salad. 


Tangy Apple Chutney - This indulgent and ultra-velvety chutney has been blended with handpicked apples for a sweet and fruity condiment that goes well with cold hams and cheeses. 


Caramelised Onion Chutney - A traditional recipe has been followed to ensure this chutney delivers. Blended with caramelised onions to deliver a sweet, tangy flavour. 


Legal Disclaimer: Items may be substituted with an alternative if unavailable, however, we will try to maintain the theme of the gift box where possible.


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