A lifestyleimage of a jar of The Chuckling Cheese Company Soft Set Honey.
2 FOR £10
A lifestyle image of a jar of The Chuckling Cheese Company Runny Honey.
2 FOR £10

Our Brand New Luxury Honey

The wait is over, we are finally bringing you our brand new Honey Range, starting with our two Runny and Soft Set Honey to satisfy our community. 

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have both runny and soft set honey in a 2 for £10 promotion? The possibilities would be endless. You wouldn’t know which to use to dress your delicious snacks.

About Our Honey Jars

We have made our Honey’s the most delicious and smooth as possible, gathered by bees during spring and summer months has helped become a luxurious Honey encased in a jar. But don’t forget both are very versatile. 

You might ask what could I make using these two amazing Honey’s, well… we recommend that you use these as a condiment during breakfast and any baking you may do. The perfect condiment for toast and warm porridge, add a handful of fruit  to maximise the flavour during early hours before work. 

A great gift for a lover but also for yourself. If you love honey this is for you. A true condiment for the sweetest. The perfect Honey you will ever encounter, whether you choose Soft Set or Runny you will not be disappointed, ensure you add fresh fruit or maybe blend into a delicious homemade smoothie.