Comedy Beer Gift Box


Choose 3 of our Comedy Beer Bottles for a unique gift. Please use the drop down menu's to make your selections.

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Comedy Beer Gift Box


We love our Comedy Beers here at Cheese Towers they always make our customers chuckle!

In this Beer Gift Box you can choose any 3 bottles to create your own unique gift take a look at our range.


Selection includes....

Cheery Chap Bitter - If you're happy and you know it try this beer! A malty beer with a fruity hint.

Coffin Dodger Premium Golden Ale - Crack open a cold one and give the grim reaper the silent treatment with this premium golden ale.

Cranky Sod Bitter - Enjoy the strange and usual with this annoyingly crabby but down to earth little bitter.

For Ducks Sake Premium Golden Ale - This premium beer will get you quacked. Perfect for when you have had one of those days when there is nothing left to do apart from crack open a beer.

Get Funked IPA - This IPA is designed to be consumed by only the grooviest cats on the dance floor. Get hippy, get hoppy, and go a little crazy!

Golden Oldie Golden Beer - Wrinkles, wit and wisdom only gets better with age! And with this golden beer!

Hair of the Dog Stout - An effective stout to lessen any indulgence. A perfectly refreshing Hair of the Dog. Not suitable for pooch consumption!

Numb Nuts Ruby Ale - Feeling unresponsive and a little crazy? Then check out the subtle undertones of this Ruby Ale to perk you up!

Old Codger Ruby Ale - Warm the old codger's bones with this eccentric but amusing Ruby Ale. Just perfect for bringing out the old codger in you.

  • 150cl
  • Between 4.0 and 6.0
  • Please see individual items or contact us
Storage Instructions
  • Ambient
Estimated Shelf Life
  • 3-6 months
Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Yes
Suitable for Vegans
  • Yes
  • The Chuckling Cheese Co
Dairy Free
  • Yes
Gluten Free
  • No

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