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Discover Our Comedy Beer & Craft Cider Range

Shop our refreshing range of beer and cider, which is definitely one of the best product ranges we have to offer. Discover our range of find the ideal gift for the beer or cider lover in your life, don’t stop, just keep looking, because you might just find your next favourite drink. 

Our Incredible Comedy Beers

Our very own craft beers are blended with fruity, malty flavours for you to enjoy anytime. But to reach maximum satisfaction, sit back and enjoy a Chuckling Comedy Craft Beer after a long week at work, you deserved it after all! 

We have a wide offering of Premium Ales, Bitters, Indian Pale Ales (IPA), Ruby Ales, Lagers and Stouts which make a great treat for yourself or a gift for a loved one who is obsessed with craft beers and is always looking to try new ones! 

The perfect alcoholic beverages to enjoy on a nice sunny day, or after a hard day at work, these beers are best served chilled. 

Our Delicious Craft Ciders 

Our very own ciders have been made with fresh fruits to give that traditional, smooth feel with fruity flavours. These ciders are to be enjoyed anytime, with friends, family, and on special occasions. Especially if you are looking to change your drink if you’re after something more fruity!

These delicious ciders are the ideal drink to enjoy if you are having a steady evening on the beverages. Great on sunny days, after work, and for those who love to try new things. 

That’s our very own beer and cider selection, we also have included the most indulgent drinks in the market too. You can also choose our non-alcoholic items too (if you are the designated driver), or simply if you are not a fan of alcohol. The choice is yours, either way, your chosen tipple will be full of delicious flavour!