Mixed Pork Scratchings Pack 2 (12 x 50g)

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Buy a variety pack of our scrumptious pork scratchings and discover our new flavour range including both traditional and unique flavours! The crunchiest snack which has all the finger-licking goodness! 


Pork Scratchings Variety Pack (12 x 50g Bags) 


Introducing our new variety pack of pork scratchings. With this pack, you will get a taste of 4 of our 7 new and exciting flavours. 


Each bag of pork scratchings has been generously coated with flavours you might be familiar with when it comes to potato crisps, but now you get to try them in the form of pork scratchings!


This scrumptious variety pack is perfect to keep in to ensure you have some snacks on hand to grab and devour when hunger hits and you need your snack fix.


In this variety pack, you will receive three 50g bags of each following flavours…


3 x 50g Classic Original Pork Scratchings - This classic flavour of original pork scratchings are the one loved by everyone! Seasoned with salt for that traditional pork scratching flavour. 


3 x 50g Worcester Sauce Flavour - Generously coated in a layer of Worcester Sauce, these pork scratchings have a super tasty flavour which is sour, sweet, and a little spicy! The ultimate pork scratchings to pair with a cold beer. 


3 x 50g Salt & Vinegar Flavour - Coated in the delicious combination of salt & vinegar, much like the beloved crispy potato snack, these pork scratchings will hit your taste buds on a different level! 


3 x 50g Spicy Habanero Flavour - The spiciest of the selection (but not too spicy)! These hot, habanero-flavoured pork scratchings are great for snacking on, especially if you love a kick of chilli! The perfect meaty snack made for those who love some spice!


All of our pork scratchings have been packed into our stunning Chuckling Snack branded and sealed bags, ready to be presented to anyone ready to indulge in our new exciting pork snacks. Once opened, these pork scratchings burst with flavour and a delicious aroma.


Note: For real snackers only, be careful… they are mega addictive! 


Our pork scratchings are versatile in many ways, enjoy them on their own, add them to your cheeseboard, devour them with your favourite dips, or even crush them down and top your favourite pasta dishes or pies for an extra crunch and dash of flavour!


This mixed pack of pork scrathings includes new flavours for you to discover. In this pack of twelve, you will find four of our seven newest flavours from our pork scratching range, but which flavour will be gone first?


If you’ve got guests coming over, why not showcase a snack cupboard of different flavours of pork scratchings. Allow them to feast their eyes and discover our new flavoured pork snacks. The perfect snack for after dinner and great paired with an ice cold beer. They are even suitable for those on a Ketogenic diet, as they have a high protein content and low levels of carbohydrates. 


And talking of beer, why not give the pork scratching lover in your life a gift of pork scratchings and beer! If you didn’t know, beer and pork snacks go hand in hand. After all, scratchings are Britain’s most popular pub snack!


You could even put the two together to add that finishing touch to your man's gift pile on his birthday or for Christmas! Stand out with something a little different this year with a range of flavoured pork scratchings for him to enjoy on his special day. 


Legal Disclaimer: Items may be substituted with an alternative if unavailable, however we will try to maintain the theme of the multi pack where possible. 

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