Trade Mixed Clip Strip Pork Scratchings for Wholesale Customers from The Chuckling Cheese Company
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Pork Scratching Pub Clip Strip

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Introducing our Mixed Clip Strip of Pork Scratchings. The perfect addition to a home bar or a gift for a person with a bar or a liking for gourmet snacks.

Pork Scratchings Clip Strip! 


With our Pork Scratchings Mixed Clip Strip, you’ll find a mouthwatering variety of snacks that will satisfy every kind of craving. From classic salted to juicy barbeque and tantalising chilli flavours, this assortment brings delightful options to your guest’ snacking choices. 


What pork scratchings are included? 


Original Pork Scratchings - A clip strip of pork scratchings couldn’t be complete without a classic flavour. These traditional pork scratchings have been made to deliver a crunchy meat snack that’s been lightly seasoned with salt for a true pork scratching flavour. 


Habanero Pork Scratchings - For those who love a touch of something spicy, our Habanero Pork Scratchings are the perfect snack for them. Seasoned to perfection with Habanero Peppers to bring a spicy flavour that’s not too overwhelming. 


Black Pepper Pork Scratchings - Liven up your snack game with these powerful Black Pepper Pork Scratchings. Let your customers indulge in a flavourful twist of Black Pepper on a classic pork snack!


Garlic Pork Scratchings - Our Garlic Pork Scratchings explode with flavour in every bite! Generously coated in a garlic seasoning for an aromatic and indulgent snack.  


Worcester Sauce Pork Scratchings - Give your customers a taste of rich and tangy flavours with our Worcester Sauce Pork Scratchings. Seasoned to perfection to deliver a unique flavour that will knock their socks off! 


Salt & Vinegar Pork Scratchings - A flavour combo that will make all snackers go wild! Yes, we have Salt & Vinegar Pork Scratchings! A fantastic, meaty alternative to the classic crisp flavour. 


BBQ Pork Scratchings - These zesty, smokey and irresistible pork scratchings are seasoned to perfection with BBQ to deliver a unique flavour that will really please many BBQ sauce lovers! 


Our pork scratchings are made using the finest ingredients to bring a perfect balance of texture and flavour resulting in a succulent snack packed with protein. 


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