Gourmet Flavoured Pork Scratchings & Beer Gift Box, Available Now at The Chuckling Cheese Company
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Artisan! Pork Scratchings & Beer Gift Box


Presenting this beautifully boxed beer and pork scratchings gift box. Featuring three flavoured pork scratchings, and two tasty craft beers to complete this gift set. A unique gift for someone who loves a beer and a snack by their side. 

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Artisan! Pork Scratchings & Beer Gift Box 


Here at Chuckling Cheese, we know pork scratchings are the most popular pub snack in Britain. So, we’ve created the perfect gift set that features three delicious pork scratching flavours and two moreish beers. The perfect gift box for someone who loves a snack and beer by their side. 


What’s included in this gift box? 


Get Funked Comedy Beer - This premium Indian Pale Ale is made for someone who loves to take over the dance floor. Enjoy the special taste of this full-bodied ale, packed with fruity flavours and zesty notes.


Hair of The Dog Comedy Beer - A refreshing Stout that will bring you back to your feet after a weekend on the beers, that is also the perfect beer to help you prepare for your weekend antics. Indulge in this refreshing beer with a silky smooth finish and a slightly bitter flavour. 


Black Pepper Pork Scratchings - This bag of pork scratchings has been generously seasoned with black pepper to bring you a delicious, crunchy, fiery, savoury snack to pair with our comedy beers!


BBQ Pork Scratchings - What would a selection of flavoured pork scratchings be without including a barbeque flavour? Indulge in this savoury snack with a beer or on the go! Seasoned with barbecue flavour that will make you want more and more! 


Garlic Pork Scratchings - This savoury and crunchy bag of pork scratchings has been perfectly coated with garlic seasoning. A generous portion of premium pork scratchings with a finger-licking good garlic coating that is irresistible and highly addictive. 


Legal Disclaimer: This item contains alcohol, by purchasing this item you agree that you are 18 years old or over.  Items may be substituted with the closest alternative if unavailable.

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