Original Pork Scratchings & Beer Gift Box, Available Now at The Chuckling Cheese Company
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Original! Pork Scratchings & Beer Gift Box


This stunning beer and snack gift box features three flavoured pork scratchings, and two moreish craft beers to complete this stunning gift set. If you’re looking for something unique to gift to someone you love, look no further. This comedy beer & pork scratching gift set makes the perfect gift. 

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Original! Pork Scratchings & Beer Gift Box


Here at the Chuckling Cheese Company, we’ve combined our classic comedy beers and flavoured pork scratchings into one stunning gift box. Our extensive range of gift boxes features many options you can buy, but nothing comes close to this one. 


What’s included in this gift box? 


Cheery Chap Comedy Beer - This moreish craft beer makes the perfect drink to gift any happy chappy, who can’t stop being cheery. This bitter delivers a light and refreshing flavour with a crisp and smooth finish. 


Beer Necessities Comedy Beer - This delicious Indian pale ale will send tingles to your taste buds, but its moreish flavour will bring a smile to your face as the name rings a bell of a classic Disney song. 


Original Pork Scratchings - What would this unique gift set be without a snack in hand to pair with your beer? These crunchy, and lightly sprinkled scratchings deliver a classic meat snack flavour we all know and love. 


Salt & Vinegar Pork Scratchings - These tasty pork scratchings have been beautifully laced with classic salt & vinegar seasoning. A succulent snack to pair with your craft beers. 


Worcester Pork Scratchings - These tasty and unique pork scratchings are highly addictive. Made with the full flavour of Worcester sauce to deliver a sweet, yet fiery flavour. 


Legal Disclaimer: This item contains alcohol, by purchasing this item you agree that you are 18 years old or over.  Items may be substituted with the closest alternative if unavailable. 

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