Pork Scratchings & Beer Christmas Gift Box, Available Now at The Chuckling Cheese Company
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Pork Scratchings & Beer Christmas Gift Box

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Our funny and yummy Beer & Pork Scratchings Gift Box is now made into a festive, Christmas Edition! Inside this gift box, you will find a brilliant assortment of beers and delicious meaty snacks that are bound to get anyone in the Christmas spirit! Christmas-Themed Gift Set combine a brilliant assortment of beers and delicious meaty snacks.

Give them the gift of a range of unique pork scratchings and humourous craft beers. This Beer & Pork Scratchings Gift Set will allow the beer and snack lover in your life (even if that’s you!)  to discover the perfect drink and snack pairing. 

Present this stunning Beer & Scratchings Christmas Gift Set to a special someone on Christmas Day as a tasty gift, stocking filler, or secret Santa present. 


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Pork Scratchings & Beer Christmas Gift Box


Give them a unique gift this Christmas with our ultimate, festive beer and snack combination and allow them to discover their favourite pub combination which is beer and pork scratchings! 


Wish them a Merry Christmas and present the foodie in your life with an awesome assortment of beer and pork scratchings to enjoy on Christmas day. 


If you didn’t know, beer and pork scratchings go hand in hand. After all, pork scratchings are Britain's most commonly picked snack to go with a pint of beer. Therefore it’s only right we pair them in one gift set. 


What’s inside this Christmas Gift Box? 


Let’s Get Blitzened Comedy Beer (IPA) - A comforting Indian Pale Ale with a hoppy style which has grown in popularity over recent years. Its delicious bitter and floral flavours make it the ideal festive beer. This delicious IPA is inspired by Blitzen, always 2nd every year behind Rudolph!


Look In My Sack Comedy Beer (Premium Golden Ale) - This stunning, festive ale is gold in colour and perfectly balanced with a little sweetness, maltiness, and citrus flavours. A comforting beer made perfectly for the Christmas season, which is sure to make them chuckle. 


Black Pepper Pork Scratchings - This tasty pork snack has been perfectly seasoned with Black Pepper to give a traditional taste with a burst of flavour with every crunch. A deliciously crunchy meat snack to pair with your beers. 


BBQ Pork Scratchings - A classic flavour married with crunchy pork scratchings. Enjoy a bag of deliciously smoky, tangy, and fiery pork snacks on Christmas day. 


Salt & Vinegar Pork Scratchings - These unique pork scratchings taste as good as they sound!. You will know this popular flavour in other forms of snacks like potato crisps, but these deliciously salty pork scratchings are nothing like you have tried before. Sweet, sour and salty, these Salt & Vinegar Pork Scratchings have soon become our bestseller. 


Legal Disclaimer: This item contains alcohol, by purchasing this item you agree that you are 18 years old or over.  Items may be substituted with closest alternative if unavailable. 

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