Retro & Gummy Sweets Online

Our newest addition to our sweet treat range. We have brought back everyone’s favourite classic sweets from when they were kids, giving you the feeling of nostalgia and of being inside your favourite sweet shop on the way to school, instead now they can be bought and delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the UK. 

All of our sweets are just like you remember them, fun, filled with fruity flavours, and on some occasions they even paint your tongue a particular colour! 

Loved by kids and adults alike, there is something for everyone. Each sweet bag typically contains 100g, the perfect amount for that sweet treat on your lunch break, a little on-the-go sugar rush, or during a movie at home. 

In this range, you will find chewy sweets, gummy sweets with a foam base, chocolate sweets, and confectionery with a hard shell that requires a strong bite to get through into the delicious soft centre. Select from classic cola bottles, chewy bon bons, foam and jelly fried eggs, wonderful sweet hearts and much more! 

These sweets make the perfect addition to your sweet draw, or a loving gift for a loved one. Here at The Chuckling Cheese Company, we have created a range of letterbox sweet gift boxes to be sent to a loved one to spread a sweet smile on their face for their birthday, to congratulate them on a special occasion, to send the children a sweet surprise, and much more. 

Show someone the love and brighten their day with a sweet or two!