Children’s! Sweet Letterbox Gift Box


Are you looking for a loving gift for a child that they’ll love? If so, look no further. Our new sweet letterbox gift box is the ideal gift! Filled with kids’ most loved sweets, and the perfect size to be sent through a letterbox it is the best option for sending a little something sweet to those who live far away!


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Sweet Gift Box | Sweet Gifts for Kids Through the Post!


A sweet gift that is sure to spread a smile on their face. Whether for their birthday, for Christmas, or simply just because they deserve it, our sweet letterbox gifts are perfect as you’ll know they’ll receive it…they can fit through the letterbox of course!


What do you get in this Chuckling Sweets Cardboard Letterbox Gift Box? 


Cherry Bunch (1 x 100g bag) - A cherry-licious bag of cherry-inspired sweets. They look like wild cherries and taste exactly like them too. Chewy and bursting with fruity flavours!


Milk Bottles (1 x 100g bag) - A bag of classic, chewy, creamy, smooth-coated milk bottles that are fun and delightful. What sweet selection would be complete without a nostalgic sweet like our very own Milk Bottles. 


Jelly Terrific Turtles (1 x 100g bag) - These cute, turtle-shaped sweets are filled with fruity flavours. Made chewy and soft with a yellow foam for the turtle's belly! 


Jelly Snakes (1 x 100g bag) - A fun and slithering bag of fruity snakes to be loved by all children and adults alike. Filled with tasty fruits and shaped like a snake, making them cute and tasty, but also fun! 


Teddy Bears (1 x 100g bag) - What would a sweet gift box be without the all-time favourite? These gummy teddy bears are just as scrumptious as you remember them. Fruity, chewy and can be eaten within a mouthful! 


Legal Disclaimer: Items may be substituted with an alternative if unavailable, however we will try to maintain the theme of the gift box where possible.


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