Beer & Cider

Virtual Pub Box by The Chuckling Cheese Company with Serious Pig Snackalami and Snacking Cheese, Original Pork Scratchings, Cheery Chap Comedy Beer and Smoked Cheddar Truckle.
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Welcome to our Beer & Cider Section.


During the expansion and growth of the Chuckling Cheese Company we are thrilled to be bringing you products other than cheese. Beer and cider is definitely one of the best products we have to offer. Now you can complete a wonderful cheese board with an alcoholic beverage beside you. Keep looking because there is the perfect drink waiting for you to find.

Complete your order not only with a basket filled with beer and cider but filled with the most delicious cheddar cheese to accompany. Bring snacks, cheese, crackers and biscuits to the table and enjoy a night in. The weekend is rolling in, it’s the best way to kick your feet and spend valuable time indoors with your own presence.

Just simply have a wide spread across the dining table and a fresh cold beer from the fridge and tipple into a pint glass filled with ice. Let the beer overflow slightly and enjoy. The perfect alcoholic beverage to enjoy on a nice sunny day or after a hard day at work, these Beers & Ciders are best enjoyed chilled.

Across our whole catalogue we combine the most delicious cheddar cheese with deluxe crackers, traditional biscuits, snacks and drinks all in one hamper to be gifted. With the perfect range of Beers, Ciders and Gift Boxes that have been created to suit all budgets.