Our Indulgent Artisan Coffee & Drink Syrups

Here at The Chuckling Cheese Company, we present you with a wide range of artisan-flavoured syrups. We may have a passion for delicious cheese, but we’ve got one for tasty drinks too. These delicious syrups can be used in coffee, cocktails, milkshakes, and gin. You name it, you can add it. Or if you’re feeling fancy, add it to water to create a tasty squash. They can also be used to drizzle on desserts or ice cream. The possibilities are endless with these syrups. 

Add the finishing touches to your drink, whether hot or cold, with delicious syrups. Think about it, it’s just like adding the cherry on top. 

Shop our wonderful selection of luxurious drink syrups. Our syrups are available in 250ml bottles. We recommended a 20ml shot in 250ml of the mixer of your choice, but of course, the quantity can be adjusted to personal taste.