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O’Donnell Lemon Drizzle Moonshine - 5cl

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Grab a miniature bottle of O’Donnell’s Lemon Drizzle flavoured Moonshine to give yourself a taster to try! 



Zingy and refreshing, this lemon drizzle inspired tipple makes for the the perfect addition to a cold glass of prosecco or champagne. Top it with a lemon slice for the finishing touch! 



Lemon Drizzle | O’Donnell Moonshine 


Presented in an eye-catching, unique glass mason jar, this lemon drizzle inspired Moonshine is best served ice cold. 


Boasting hints of grapefruit and apple, this refreshing tipple is made from natural flavours only. 


This sour but refreshing Lemon Drizzle Moonshine will take you back to your childhood days, with the citrus notes of lemon from that stand in your neighbourhood, only this time the ‘lemonade’ is for adults only!


Zingy, fruity and refreshing, this moonshine liquor is the perfect summer evening tipple.


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