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Caramel Hot Chocolate Shot
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Coffee, Tea & Cordials | The Chuckling Cheese Company

Introducing our wide range of exquisite hot drinks and cordials. Here we have many luxurious flavours for you to choose from. Our tea bags, instant coffees, and cordials have been carefully chosen for their unique taste and excellent quality. The ultimate drinks selection for any occasion or time of year from summer, fruity cordials to winter warmers, giving you the perfect addition to your drinks collection.  

Flavoured Instant Coffee | By Beanies Coffee

This wide range of flavoured coffee is an exciting selection for you to choose from. Here we have many unique flavours and if you ask Beanies themselves they will tell you that ‘life is all about flavour’ so here we have flavoured coffee to suit every moment. Sometimes it’s a Sticky Toffee kinda day or a cheeky Creamy Caramel kinda day! Either way, start your day in the best possible way with flavoured instant coffee by Beanies Coffee. You name it, we have the full and all-out flavour to go with it. Enjoy every moment with a unique brew which will send delightful and warm aromas across the room making everyone present eager for a sip. 

Flavoured Tea Bags | By Joe’s Tea Co 

This selection of flavoured tea bags has been curated to be organic to maximise the tea’s antioxidants, and packed with health benefits. We all know that a warm and refreshing brew in the morning and throughout the day helps us complete our day-to-day tasks, so why not wake up in the most luxurious way, with Joe’s Tea These luxury tea bags are a must when it comes to your tea breaks. Discover superior flavours to choose from in our carefully crafted range, and choose a selection however you like your tea, whether you prefer tea bags, decaf, or loose tea leaves! 

Artisan Instant Hot Chocolate | By Gnaw Handcrafted Chocolate 

This crafted collection of hot chocolate stirrers and hot chocolate bombs is the perfect way to enjoy a hot chocolate treat. Choose from swirls of indulgent milk or dark chocolate, or opt for chocolate infused with a little flavour, or a hot chocolate with sweet and soft marshmallows for that finishing touch. Our range of hot chocolates gives you the perfect winter warmers to keep in your cupboard and save for a luxurious treat. Beautifully presented, they make a delicious gift idea for hot chocolate lovers. If you are looking for the perfect hot chocolate… look no further! 

Tantalising Cordials | Flavoured Soft Drinks Range 

If you love a delicious squash to add to your drinks collection, then our range of unique flavoured cordials is the ideal way to have options for when you are thirsty and want a drink full of flavour. With their ability to reawaken your nostalgic memories, this fruity selection of different flavoured cordials to choose from will take you back in time to your childhood. They make for the best non-alcoholic drink, which can be enjoyed with your favourite mixer, or why not incorporate them into your very own cocktail for some added flavour