Beer Me! Engraved Metal Bar Blade

SKU: 3811

Forget the first aid kit. You need a beer! Crack open a chilled beer with your new bottle opener, sit back and enjoy. This hand engraved bottle opener makes a unique, but necessary, gift for a beer lover. 


Engraved Metal Bottle Opener | Engraved with ‘Beer Me!’ 


It’s been a long week at work, you don’t need anything else but a cold beer. But before you do, you need something that opens your beer bottle with ease. 


Our new engraved metal bar blades are perfect, not only are they stylish in looks, they open a beer bottle with little to no effort. 


All of our engraved gifts have been hand engraved by our Team here at The Chuckling Cheese Company. They make the perfect gift for any beer lover out there whether for their birthdays, anniversary or Christmas. 

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