What is a cheese lover called?

What is a cheese lover called? Find out in this blog, which takes a look at the origins of the term and other common words used to describe cheese lovers.


Ever wondered 'what is a cheese lover called?'. Well, if you're a cheese lover, then you probably already know that you're called a turophile (tur-uh-file). The word turophile is a combination of the Greek words tyros, meaning cheese, and philos, meaning "love of". So, in short, a ‘turophile” would love our luxury cheese gift hamper!

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The origins of the term ‘turophile


While most people know what a connoisseur means (someone who appreciates fine wine), the term turophile is not as widespread or well-known. So, when someone asks you what kind of cheese you prefer, be prepared to impress with your knowledge! A ‘turophile’ may also have a cheese subscription which means they receive cheese on a monthly basis.


There is evidence of the term first being used as early as 1938 to label a cheese aficionado. In the 1950s, the term was more commonly used amongst the American public when a well-known radio host used the term to describe people who loved cheese. However, not many people use the word today, "cheese-lover" is more commonly used. Many people class themselves as cheese connoisseurs, but a turophile is the true definition.

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Origins of the term ‘caseophile'


A caseophile is someone who has a particular interest in collecting cheese. They will often have extensive knowledge of cheeses and may even have visited many different countries to try them out for themselves.


A true caseophile will also be interested in the history of their favourite foods, as well as learning about various production methods and techniques used to create them. This can include everything from how long it has been since they last ate it, where they got it from and what kind of meal they might serve on such an occasion! 


If you're not sure whether someone is talking about cheese or wine aficionados, keep in mind that turophile and caseophile are not interchangeable terms for the same thing! A caseophile is someone who loves wine as well as cheese. If someone says they're a turophile, they could also mean they have a passion for cheeses and all dairy products, which may include butter and yoghurt, for example.


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