Caring for your cheese

Storing Your Cheese

Cheese is best stored in a fridge, ideally in a cheese drawer. We advise keeping it in a separate drawer from other items. Such as, sealed to ensure any bacteria from the other items does not transfer to the cheese. 


Recommended temperatures for all our cheeses are below 5c. Our harder cheeses such as our cheddars will be fine between 6 - 15 degrees for some time, at these temperatures they will continue to mature. Soft cheese such as blue cheese must be stored at low temperatures below 5c. 


We advise wrapping opened cheeses in wax paper or cling film. You can also place them in a separate tub sealed with a lid. 

Shelf Life

The majority of our cheddars come with 2 - 5 months Best Before date on them. Our softer cheeses vary (please see the features section of each product) from 2 - 5 weeks. 

Once you break the seal on your cheeses we recommend consuming them within 10 - 14 days. You can however freeze the majority of our cheeses too. They can be frozen for up to 6 months and keep their structure & flavour. We recommend defrosting in a fridge overnight so the cheese holds its moisture. 

Serving your cheese

To fully appreciate and enjoy your cheese at its best allow it to come to room temperature for an hour or so prior to serving. 

We recommend a good port or wine and lots of accompaniments such as pickles, chutney, olives & bread.