6 fun facts about cheese gifts

Cheese gifts are becoming incredibly popular. They’re just so moreish, and they provide everything that cheese lovers want. You get chutneys, crackers, and even drinks all thrown in to make the experience even better.


But, if you’re honest with yourself, do you really know everything you should about cheese hampers? Probably not.


The good news is that this post is here to help. Here, we run through some fun facts about luxury cheese gifts you probably haven’t heard before. Check them out below.

Vegan Treat Box by The Chuckling Cheese Company

Fact 1: Cheese hampers can be vegan


If you thought cheese was forever an animal product, you’re mistaken. Vegan cheeses made of nuts or soy are becoming much more popular. Now you can buy cheeses for people who eat exclusively plant-based. Ten years ago, such a thing would have sounded impossible, but in 2022, it is very much a reality.

Fact 2: Cheese and wine gifts can be personalised


Of course, the degree of personalisation you get depends on where you go. But if you come to The Chuckling Cheese Company, you can pick and choose what your cheese gift includes. It’s really simple, and you can make sure that the recipient gets exactly what they want.

Fact 3: There are cheese options galore


If you thought that the only British cheeses were Wensleydale, cheddar and stilton, you’re very much mistaken. At The Chuckling Cheese Company, we have over 100 different options to choose from, each offering something unique.


Fact 4: Cheese isn’t just for Christmas


If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: cheese isn’t just for Christmas, it’s something you can buy any time of the year. Remember, cheese toasties taste just as good in July as they do in December.

Limoncello Cheddar Cheese Barrel

Fact 5: Sweet cheeses are a thing


If your cheese gift recipient has a sweet tooth, then you’re in luck. Today, you can get a plethora of sweet cheeses to satisfy their palate. What’s nice about these is that they bring the sweet tang of chutney into the cheese itself. We have all sorts of fruited cheeses in stock at The Chuckling Cheese Company. Just browse our collection and find one that really hits the spot.


Fact 6: Cheese gifts can be hand-made


Finding handmade cheeses is virtually impossible in the supermarket, but when you come to The Chuckling Cheese Company, it’s guaranteed. We have more than 50 handmade varieties in our collection, giving you cheese for every season.

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