8 best cheeses for your next summer BBQ

Summer and barbeques are almost synonymous with each other - we all love getting out in the garden in our shorts and t-shirts, firing up the barbeque and preparing a delicious feast on a hot summer’s day.


If you're planning a barbeque, why not add something extra with a delicious selection of luxury British cheeses? Whether on a burger, with some chicken, or beautifully arranged on a personalised cheeseboard, a luxury cheese hamper is a real treat.


Even if you’re the guest, wondering which wine to bring or how many beers to get, it’s all the more reason to arrive with some cheese gifts to impress the host. So, which cheeses are the best for your next barbeque? Here's a list of our top 8.

Tomato and Basil Cheddar Cheese Barrel

1. Cracked Black Pepper Cheddar


Cheddar is an all-around classic cheese. It’s almost a safe option for those who are a bit tentative about trying new cheese. It has a sharp taste and is excellent on crackers, crusty French bread, or with fruit. The black pepper is a nice addition, adding a little kick to it - it will go well with a nice cold beer afterwards too! With our selection of beers, this would make a great cheese and beer gift. This cheese is made with fresh ingredients in Lincolnshire, and it won Bronze at the British Cheese Awards in 2012.


2. Tomato & Basil Infused Cheddar Cheese


Bring something a little more fresh and Mediterranean with this tomato & basil-infused cheddar cheese. Why not do something different at your barbeque and have pizzas? This cheese makes a perfect pizza topping. With a taste of Italy and packed with flavour, you can also enjoy a healthy pasta coupled with a fantastic wine from one of our cheese and wine gifts.

3. Horseradish Flavoured Cheddar Cheese


Horseradish may not be the go-to cheese of choice, but coupled with beef, it brings a sharp tang that’s absolutely delicious with some crusty bread. Add it to some beef skewers, some boiled potatoes, or even some fish. It’s an uncommon flavour but it’s quite versatile, and with that bit of spice, a cold beer would go down well alongside it.


4. Hot & Garlic Cheddar


There’s a type of cheese for everyone, and Hot & Garlic Cheddar is for anyone who loves a spicy kick to their food. This will also pair well with different foods at your barbeque, especially if you're cooking up some jacket potatoes. Add some beans and the Hot & Garlic Cheddar melted on top, and you're in for a new taste experience.

Garden Herbs and Garlic Cheddar Cheese Barrel

5. Garden Herbs & Garlic Cheddar Cheese


This is a cheese gift that's sure to please everyone. These flavours work really well together, tasting a bit like stuffing, which is why this cheese is excellent with some chargrilled chicken. A smooth texture with a sharp yet fresh taste, it's a great addition to any cheeseboard.


6. Northern Blue Cheese


We all like trying something new, so why not bring something different to the barbeque with this beautiful blue cheese? At a barbeque, blue cheese goes well with a nicely cooked steak, adding a sharp salty taste and an elegant creamy texture. You could also try it on crackers, fruit or with pickles. Blue cheese famously goes well with red wine, so you may as well bring a bottle of wine as a gift to enjoy this cheese on a beautiful summer afternoon.

7. Harrogate Blue Cheese


This Harrogate Blue Cheese has a strong, exquisite flavour you’ll experience more than taste. A 10-week matured cheese, enjoy it as part of a cheeseboard after the barbeque has gone out for a very bold, full-bodied flavour alongside chutney, crackers, or even apples and pears for a delicious and healthy bite.


8. Yorkshire Blue Cheese


Enjoy this Yorkshire Blue Cheese after dinner to cleanse the palate and to keep the taste sensation going. Matured for 8 weeks and made with fresh Yorkshire cow’s milk, we recommend sampling this cheese with a sparkling white wine alongside some crackers and fruit.


Whether you’re attending a barbeque to enjoy a burger and a beer in the sun, some chargrilled chicken, or even some nice vegetarian options, The Chuckling Cheese Company offers a fantastic selection of cheeses to go with any barbeque this summer.


Did you know cheese has a wide variety of health benefits? It's packed with vitamins, calcium and protein. So get that cheeseboard out of the cupboard and choose your favourite cheeses to make your next summer barbeque one remember!

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