“How to Choose the Perfect 'Get Well Soon' Gift - Chuckling Cheese”

Wondering how to brighten up a loved one’s day and send them a warming ‘get well soon’ message? We have just the thing in mind. A luxury cheese hamper filled with handmade artisan cheeses and a selection of tasty accompaniments can be both a comfort and a distraction from a difficult situation. Master the art of cheese gifting with our top tips on how to select the best cheese hamper for a friend or loved one in need:

1. Plan Ahead

Avoid making hasty decisions when purchasing a cheese hamper. Starting your search early allows you to explore more options and customise the hamper to suit the recipient’s tastes, making your ‘get well soon’ gift more thoughtful and personal. Given how many gift options are available here at the Chuckling Cheese Company, it can take some time to select the right ‘get well soon’ hamper. Knowing the recipient's preferences is important but taking small risks by including a new flavour they haven’t tried before can add excitement to the experience. 


2. Select Quality Contents

Choose high-quality items that fit the theme and consider the recipient’s dietary restrictions and preferences. All of our cheeses are handmade and our cheese hampers are expertly curated by the Chuckling Cheese team. What’s more, we have both gluten-free and dairy-free options available, both as individual items and cheese hampers. Settle for nothing less than luxury for a friend in need!


3. Consider the Presentation

Think about first impressions – a cheese hamper should look beautiful to reflect the luxury inside! Gift wrap the present and add a gift wrapper and a handwritten message to wish them all the best in their recovery. 


4. Variety of Cheese

Cheese hampers are all about variety! If you know a cheese lover's favourite, surprise them with a speciality cheese like a barrel, truckle, or entire wheel from Lincolnshire, crafted with quality ingredients. But also include different flavoured cheeses in your hamper to add diversity and interest.

5. Make Sure it’s Well-Stocked

A sparsely filled basket can seem underwhelming. But keep in mind a ‘get well soon’ gift shouldn’t be too overwhelming either in case the recipient doesn’t have much of an appetite. To get the perfect balance, consider gifting one of our ‘build-your-own’ luxury cheese hampers to tailor it to their preferences. 


6. Personalise Your Gift

The best ‘get well soon’ gifts (or any gifts for that matter!) are personalised. Consider assembling a surprise cheese hamper that pairs luxury cheeses with complementary chutneys, crackers and other snacks. If you're unsure about flavour combinations, our blog offers guidance on popular pairings to help you craft the perfect luxury cheese hamper.


7. Mind the Delivery Times

Order your cheese hamper well in advance, especially during busy seasons, to ensure on-time delivery. We aim to deliver all orders within 2 to 5 working days, unless a specific delivery date is requested (which can be done during checkout). All perishable items are packaged with ice packs to ensure freshness. 


8. Include Their Favourites

During difficult times, we often long for some comfort food. If your friend is a cheese lover, they’ll thank you for including all their favourite cheeses. Sometimes, it’s best to play safe and pick something you know they’ll love. If in doubt, choose one of our luxury vintage cheddars – they won’t disappoint!

Some ‘Get Well Soon’ Cheese Gift Ideas

Get Well Soon! Gift Cheese & Snacks Gift Box

Gift a beautifully packaged ‘get well soon’ cheese gift box to a friend or loved one who's feeling under the weather. This thoughtful gift box is designed to bring joy and comfort, featuring a selection of artisan cheeses and tasty accompaniments.


‘Build Your Own’ Cheese Truckle & Snacks Gift Box

What could delight your friend more than a cheese hamper curated especially for them? This gift box allows you to handpick the recipient's preferred cheese truckles, chutney, and crackers. 


‘Build Your Own’ Artisan Fudge Selection Gift Box

A sweet treat might be just what your loved one needs during a difficult time. This ‘build-your-own’ fudge gift box is a great way to treat your loved one and send a loving message. This gift box allows you to select from a variety of five fudge bars, which can be either a mix of different flavours or five of the same, depending on their preference. 


Snacking Cheese! Trio Gift Box

For something a little less overwhelming, gift your loved one this beautifully packaged gift box from Serious Pig, featuring three distinctively flavoured crunchy cheese snacks. The gift set includes Rosemary Snacking Cheese, Original Snacking Cheese, and Truffle Snacking Cheese, each made from mature Italian cheese for exceptional taste. All three varieties are baked in a special oven to achieve extra crunchiness.

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