How Cheese Fits in Your Christmas Celebration

Christmas is just around the corner! It’s a season of joy, warmth, joy and delicious food. As customary, traditional favourites like gingerbread and turkey are the ushers into the festive period. But for Christmas this year, we’re adding a new contender to this group - cheese!

Cheese can do more than taste delicious; it can add to the overall Christmas preparation. That is exactly why it is on our Christmas must-haves for this year. Cheese adds richness and sweetness to the Christmas holiday. Do you want to know how to add Cheese to your Christmas celebration? We’ve put together this article to help you include a range of cheeses in this year's Christmas celebrations…

Luxury Hamper By The Chuckling Cheese Company
Cheese Advent Calendar by The Chuckling Cheese Company
The Versatility of Cheese: Appetisers to Desserts

Cheese can change the course of any event if you put it in the right places. But where? Cheese should be where everyone can see it! They may great appetisers and can keep your guests busy whilst they wait for the big Christmas dinner. In fact, Cheese could also be included in the main course of a meal.

Beyond the Plate

While cheese is a culinary star, it can also play a decorative role in your Christmas preparations. Create a charming cheese-themed centrepiece by arranging different cheeses on a festive cheeseboard, and adding sprigs of rosemary, cranberries, and pine cones for a touch of winter magic. You can even create edible ornaments by threading cheese cubes with string and cranberries, adding a playful and delicious touch to your Christmas.

Gifts that Melt in Your Mouth

You'll be surprised to know that cheese makes the perfect present all year round - especially for cheese enthusiasts. Surprise your loved ones this festive season with carefully selected cheese gifts to enjoy during the Christmas break. You can even compliment them with accompaniments like crackers, jams and chutneys. Here’s a list of our favourites to help you pick:
Chuckling Rhubarb & Custard Gin
Chuckling Blueberry Bon Bon Gin

1. Luxury Cheese Christmas Gift Hamper

A luxurious cheese selection of Chuckling Cheese's festive finest. It contains vintage cheddar, a limited edition Christmas Pudding Cheddar, oat crackers, pickled onions, fudge, coffee and loaf cake! This is the perfect hamper to enjoy during your time off.

2. “Merry Cheesemas” Cheese Advent Calendar

Who said it’s too late for an advent calendar? Shop our best-selling advent calendar containing 12 mini cheese truckles, 6 mini chutney jars and 6 mini biscuit packs! With a huge range of cheesy goodies, this advent calendar can be shared (or not) this Christmas break!

3. Chuckling Cheese Spirits

Who said we have to stick to just cheese? If Christmas isn’t the time to indulge in some spirits, then when is! We have a huge range of gins, vodkas and rums for you to choose from - we’ve also got plenty to make sure you don’t run out for the New Year!

Whether you're hosting a grand Christmas feast or simply enjoying a quiet gathering with family and friends, our
cheese gifts can be the ingredient that brings everyone together and makes your Christmas truly special.

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