How to Build the Perfect Business Gift.

When it comes to nurturing and strengthening business ties, corporate gifting is a powerful tool. Cheese hampers, in particular, can express gratitude, cement partnerships, enhance brand awareness, and much more. Below are nine tips to help you select the perfect corporate gift.

Choosing the Right Corporate Gift

1. Value For Money

Aim for gifts that provide the best value for your money while still making a lasting impact on the recipient. At the Chuckling Cheese Company, we offer a wide variety of affordable corporate gifting options, ranging from humongous cheese cakes to more humble cheese snacks and wax-coated cheese truckles, allowing you to budget accordingly. 

2. Understand the Recipient’s Preferences

A generic or ‘safe’ gift won’t have the same impact as one that is carefully thought through. With so many varieties of cheese to choose from, your best bet is to have a good understanding of the recipient’s likes and dislikes. For example, blue cheese is delicious to some people and, let's face it, not so nice to others. Paying attention to these small details can help you choose a gift the recipient will truly appreciate.

3. Focus on Quality Over Quantity

It’s better to offer something small of luxury quality than a large statement item that might not meet the same standards. A luxury cheese hamper sends just the right message – it doesn’t have to be too large or extravagant. Focus instead on the items inside the cheese hamper, making sure they are suited to the recipient’s preferences.

4. Delivery Options

Find out which delivery options are available to you. Flexible delivery options, which you’ll find at the Chuckling Cheese Company, can minimise the risk of your gift arriving late or damaged. 

5. Consider the Occasion

Cheese hampers are appropriate for many occasions, from celebrating a successful project to annual company events, or simply to say thank you. Choose a themed gift with our customisation options to make the right impression.

6. Reflect Your Brand Values

A corporate gift should mirror your company’s ethos and brand image. Luxury cheese gifts from the Chuckling Cheese Company, known for their quality and exquisite presentation, can elevate your brand perception among your corporate peers and partners.

7. Dietary Considerations

It’s important to acknowledge dietary preferences and restrictions. The Chuckling Cheese Company offers options like gluten-free and vegan cheeses. Gifting dietary inclusive items demonstrates thoughtfulness, reflecting well on your company. 

8. Add a Personal Touch

Cheese hampers (already personal gifts if you’ve selected the contents yourself!) can feel more personalised if you include a thoughtful message. The Chuckling Cheese Company offers options to add a handwritten message to cheese hampers, allowing you to express meaning with your gift. 


9. Be Unique

Don't be afraid to give non-traditional gifts that haven't been done before – our cheese hampers are the perfect example of this. With options for including unique flavours such as Cream Tea or Charcoal-flavoured cheese, you won’t be forgotten in a hurry. 


10. Ensure Regular Use

Select gifts that recipients can use daily, either at home or in the office, to keep your relationship in their minds. Snacking cheese can be enjoyed anywhere and many of our cheeses have a long shelf-life. These should ideally be included in your hamper, along with beverages that will last, like vintage wine or craft beer.

Corporate Gifting Ideas

‘Build Your Own’ Cheese Truckle & Snacks Gift Box

A ‘build-your-own’ cheese hamper allows you to customise your corporate gift, demonstrating care and consideration for the recipient. Choose multiple delicious cheese truckles and snacks to celebrate their success or thank them for their service. 


‘Build Your Own’ Artisan Fudge Selection Gift Box

For those looking to make a sweeter impression, the Chuckling Cheese Company provides a wide range of chocolate gifts, from fudge to vegan options, including this customisable ‘Build Your Own’ Artisan Fudge Selection Gift Box


‘Build Your Own’ Comedy Craft Beer Trio Selection Gift Box

Our alcohol gift selection has grown in popularity, with a broad selection including wine, gin, and beer, which can be individually gift-wrapped for that extra special touch. Alternatively, this ‘Build Your Own’ Comedy Craft Beer Trio Selection Gift Box allows you to select three of our moreish craft beers to create a lasting impression. 

Why Choose the Chuckling Cheese Company for Your Corporate Gifting Needs?

Corporate gifting has evolved from traditional items like fruit baskets and branded pens to personalised gifts that build a stronger brand identity. Stand out from the crowd by gifting luxury cheese hampers and speciality cheeses produced by the Chuckling Cheese Company. We offer an extensive range of bespoke gifting options suitable for all recipients, including those with specific dietary needs. Explore our diverse variety of British cheeses, condiments, biscuits, snacks, sweet treats, and drinks to enhance your corporate gifting strategy today. 

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