How to host a wine and cheese party?

If you're planning your first wine and cheese party, there are a few things you'll need to think about, including how many people to invite and the food and drink to offer your guests. If you're feeling overwhelmed, carry on reading for our top tips.


Think about how many guests to invite


This is completely up to you, but a good thing to do is go mid-range and invite around 12 people. Not being over-ambitious with your guestlist allows your invitees to get some interesting conversations going between them around the table, and for you to learn as you go if you are hosting your first party of this kind.


Consider which cheeses to buy


If you stick to roughly 12 guests as a maximum, we recommend you buy eight bottles of wine and five or six types of cheeses. We sell plenty of wines over on our “Drinks” page, from Lyme Bay Cherry Wine to the classic Merlot, so have a look through these and pick the ones you fancy.


As for the cheese, rather than stocking up on very similar pieces, vary them. Your selection should take into consideration the types of milk (goat, sheep and cow), country of origin, strength and texture to create an interesting variety for your friends to choose from. Bear in mind that you should always have at least one of our “common” pieces, such as cheddar or edam, for those who are less inclined to try something new.


Our website offers a “Cheese by Type” page which can helpfully divide the different products we offer into separate search categories. You could pick one of our delicious Traditional Applesmoked Cheddar barrels as the go-to familiar taste on the table, then some of our Yorkshire Blue Cheese and various flavoured truckles for the more adventurous eaters at your party.


Remember that adding colour to your cheeseboard is also important. Your guests will want to feast on their eyes as well as their tastebuds!


Tailor your selection to your guests


One of the best ways to appease your guests is to buy each of them a cheese gift with one piece you know they like. If somebody likes a bit of heat, get them our Flamin Heart Cheddar Truckle, or if another friend likes something sweet, try our Cranberry Cheddar Truckle.


Visit The Chuckling Cheese Co


If you're planning a wine and cheese party and are feeling really overwhelmed with the options available, have you thought about buying one of our luxury cheese hampers? Rather than running out to the shops to find what you need, you can simply order your hamper online and have it delivered straight to your door. You can even build your own to include some of your guests' favourite cheeses.

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