How To Pair Our Cream Tea Cheese Truckle?

In this series of cheese truckle pairing ideas, discover interesting facts about our delicious truckles of cheese and expand your knowledge of cheese and chutney pairings for the ultimate savoury indulgence. Here we will be focusing on our Special Edition April 2023 Cheese of the Month…Cream Tea Cheese! 


For anyone new to us, we are a British Artisan Cheese Company based in Skegness, Lincolnshire UK. We have a contemporary range of over 40 different flavoured cheddars that are all expertly made on our family-run farm here in Lincolnshire. 


This unique cheddar was first introduced back in 2022 to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Here at The Chuckling Cheese Company, we thought about what foods remind us most of Royalty and British culture, and that was a traditional Jam & Cream Scone…so we made a cheese taste like one! This special cheese is laced with juicy raisins and strawberry jam to deliver a remarkable flavour. For those who like sweet cheese, it is something special. Sound strange? You have to try it to believe it!


Cream Tea Cheese Truckle, Available Now at The Chuckling Cheese Company

What does the Cream Tea Cheese Truckle taste like? 


Generously laced with juicy raisins, and a tasty strawberry jam, this cheese has a fragrant, fruity, and light flavour. It’s a sweet cheese that makes the perfect addition to your afternoon tea or summer cheeseboards. How do we pair this unique cheese truckle? Let’s find out… 


What should you pair with this cheese truckle? 


Before you catch yourself in a whirlwind of confusion, you might want to take some notes! Firstly, it’s all about understanding the type of cheese before doing any kind of pairing. For example, some pairings might not work for softer cheeses in comparison to something more firm with a strong flavour. So, with this Cream Tea Cheese Truckle, you would need something to match the sweet and fruity flavour. 


There are many ways to pair cheese, from a gorgeous wine to crackers, chutney, fruit, pickles, bread, olives and the list goes on endlessly. But to help you on your cheese journey, we have simplified these pairings to a few options to get you started. 


Pairing Crackers With Cheese Truckle 


Crackers can be used as a base to start pilling slices of cheese and dollops of chutney on top for the ultimate cheese and cracker pairing. Many people often opt for plain or cheese crackers, and whilst they’re great, there are so many more to discover for example, sometimes sweet biscuits such as ginger biscuits, digestive biscuits, or shortbread can make an exceptional pairing for cheese!


Pairing Chutney With Cheese Truckle 


Why not go a little further in your cheese journey by adding some chutney to the mix. You now have a base (the cracker), a slice of cheese, and now you need to uplift the flavours. All you need is a few dollops of chutney to get you started. 


How Do I Pair The Cream Tea Cheese Truckle? 


We recommend pairing our Cream Tea Cheese Truckle with a classic strawberry jam on top of a cheese or sweet shortbread biscuit. Why? You already have a strawberry flavoured cheese, why not add something that compliments the sweet, fruity flavours? Piling it all on top of a shortbread biscuit will deliver flavours of strawberry cheesecake!


Alternatively, you can also add our very own Blueberry Jam to your cheese pairings. Strawberries and Blueberries go perfectly together in other forms of food just like smoothies, pancakes, and waffles. So, why not be a little adventurous?


Just grab a spoon and dollop a few scoops on some cheese and now you should have three layers. 


Layer 1. Crunchy Cracker 

Layer 2. Cream Tea Cheese Truckle 

Layer 3. Delicious Strawberry Jam or Our Blueberry Jam 


Now, what are you waiting for? Get pairing our April Cheese of The Month! 


What wine shall I pair this cheese with? 


When pairing cheese with wine it all depends on the different types of cheese and flavours you are wanting to enjoy it with. However, here we have the fruitiest, creamiest, cheese truckle to accompany. Our Cream Tea Cheddar would pair perfectly with any red wine. Generally, red wine has a sweet, dark flavour. Although, some are more bitter and drier than others. Wine enthusiasts suggest that red wine is well balanced if it’s accompanied by sour, bitter and sweet elements, just like our Cream Tea Cheese. 


We recommend: Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot 


Taking Cheese Pairings To The Next Level 


There’s nothing quite like a cheese pairing, but are you ready to wow all your friends, family and loved ones? Get started by creating a wonderful cheeseboard for all your guests to enjoy. Grab an oak cheeseboard and pile it with cheese, fruit, olives, crackers and bread. 


Creating a cheeseboard will allow you to present your selection of cheese and accompaniments beautifully. It’s the perfect way to enjoy savoury snacks after dinner, during a buffet, or for providing snack ideas for when you’re entertaining guests. Here are a few food ideas to help you get started…


Cream Tea Cheese Truckle 

Blueberry Jam 

Strawberry Jam or Preserve

Cheesy or Sweet Shortbread Biscuits






Now you have everything you need, you can sart presenting this delicious and unique cheese truckle with a selection of tasty accompaniments on your cheeseboard. Allow all your guests to try the pairings themselves to discover new and exciting ways to enjoy cheese, crackers, and chutney. Cheese and chutney is a combination as old as time, we know it works, and you can be sure everyone is going to love it. 

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