How To Pair Our Vintage Extra Mature Cheese Truckle?

In this series of cheese truckle pairing ideas discover interesting facts about our delicious truckles of cheese, and expand your knowledge of cheese and chutney pairings. Firstly, we will be focusing on Our Vintage Extra-Mature Cheese Truckle. 


For those who are new to us, we are a British Artisan Cheese Company based in Skegness, Lincolnshire... We have a contemporary range of flavoured cheese truckles with over 40 different flavours, which are all expertly made on our family-run farm here in Lincolnshire... 

Vintage cheese truckle with cracker and chutney
Vintage cheese truckle - on grazeboard

Our Vintage Extra Mature Cheese Truckle is the strongest and extra mature cheddar we stock Aged over three and a half years, and laced with crunchy salt crystals to add a sharp bite of flavour, this creamy cheese is extra-strong. 


What does the Vintage Extra Mature Cheese Truckle actually taste like? 


It’s everything you want in a strong matured cheese. Maturing is essential to the cheese and it's deep flavour. Without it, you wouldn’t have a distinct and delicious flavour. 


This special cheddar is smooth in texture, and rich in flavour, making it one of our most indulgent cheese truckles. We’ve laced this cheddar with crunchy salt crystals which marry perfectly with the distinct flavour to give a salty bite with every taste. 


What Do You Pair a Vintage Extra Mature Cheese Truckle With? 


It’s all about understanding the type of cheese first. After all, pairings that work for a softer cheese might not work as well for something more firm with a strong flavour. So, with our Vintage Cheddar, it would need something to match it’s powerful, matured taste. 


There are many different ways (traditionally) to pair cheese. With wonderful wine, crackers, fruit, chutney, pickles, bread, crisps, olives, dried fruit and more. 


We have narrowed it down to a few pairings to help you get started. 


Classic crackers, such as wafers can be used as a strong base for a chunk or slice of our Vintage Cheese to lay on. Crackers add extra flavour as well as an irresistible crunch to collide with the cheese's creamy texture. This creates two very different textures, but it works!


To take it a step further you might want to add some chutney. You have the cracker and cheese, so now you need something on top to pull all three together and uplift all the flavours in all three pieces of food. We recommend pairing our Vintage Cheddar Truckle with our Punchy Pickle.


Just simply, grab a spoon and dollop some of the chutney on the cheese. You should then have three layers. 


Layer 1. Crunchy Cracker 

Layer 2. Creamy Cheese 

Layer 3. Smooth Chutney. 


What are you waiting for? Get pairing! 


How can I take cheese pairing to the next level? 


Have you ever tried a cheeseboard? Yes, we know your belly is rumbling but we don’t mean physically eating a wooden board, because we don’t think that would end well. Although, what we do mean is a wooden board stacked with cheese, crackers, chutney, and snacks. 


Creating a cheeseboard will allow you to present your selection of cheese and accompaniments beautifully, which is perfect for after-dinner spreads, buffets, or snack ideas for when you’re entertaining guests. The foods you need to first get started are the following: 


  • Our Vintage Extra Mature Cheese Truckle

  • Our Chuckling Punchy Pickle

  • Cardoc’s Sea Salted Water Crackers 

  • Grapes

  • Pickles


Display your selection of delicious products upon your cheeseboard, and allow everyone to try the pairing for themselves. Cheese and pickle is a combination as old as time, and it’s one that just works, so you know everyone’s going to love it. 


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