Occasions where cheese would make a welcome gift

If you've ever found yourself wondering on what occasions cheese would make an appreciated and appropriate gift, then look no further.


Of course, any cheese lover will probably tell you that any occasion is the right occasion to take cheese, chutney and biscuits, but perhaps some celebrations and occasions are a little bit more appropriate for a cheese hamper than others! For instance, taking gin-infused cheese to a baby's christening might not go down too well. So, when can you give cheese as a gift?

New Home Gift Box by The Chuckling Cheese Company



What could be better than giving the gift of cheese to a couple or family moving into a new home? After the long hard slog of packing boxes and moving them into the new house, being able to sit down and tuck into a luxury cheese hamper filled with cheese truckles, wine and chutney would be absolutely blissful.


So, give the gift of cheese and just wait for the grateful thank you from the weary homeowners!




Of course, you can't go wrong with giving cheese gifts as birthday presents. The only issue will be deciding which flavour to purchase!


Whether it's a set of cheese truckles or a luxury cheese hamper, the gift of cheese will put a massive smile on nearly anyone's face. Especially because after all of the celebrations are over, the cake has been eaten, and the guests have gone home, there will still be a cheesy treat to enjoy afterwards!

Going to university


Most students that live away from home survive on a combination of 'beans on toast', ready meals and noodles. So, if you want to give a gift to celebrate someone getting into university, then why not send them off with some lovingly crafted artisanal cheeses? Not only will it remind them that good food actually exists, but it will set them up for a cheese and wine night with their dorm/roommates and serve as a good icebreaker for making new friends.


New job


Starting a new job can be stressful, but having cheese and beer to come home to after a long day at a new office might just make the process that little bit easier for your friend or family member. Cheese is a feel-good food which means that the person starting a new job can walk into their new place of employment with a bit of pep in their step – ready to take on the world!


Pregnancy announcement

When someone's eating for two, their hormones are all over the place, so a hamper full of cheese, chutney and cheese biscuits would be more than welcome. Expectant parents can put their feet up after putting the cot together and enjoy a bit of peace before the baby arrives!

Date Night Hamper by The Chuckling Cheese Company



A date night luxury cheese hamper makes a brilliant anniversary gift, whether it is from the cheese and beer gifts section or the cheese and wine gifts department. With a wide selection of beer, wine, cheese truckles, chutney, cheese biscuits and pickles to sample, a cheese hamper will provide everything you need for the perfect romantic night in (or out if you want to make it a picnic).


So, set up the candles, get the wine glasses out, put some romantic music on in the background, break out the cheese and make it a night to remember.


Gifts for people you don't know well


Cheese and wine gifts are an ideal choice when you need to buy a gift for someone that you don't know very well. Even those who are lactose-intolerant can enjoy chutney, beer, and wine (amongst many other things!).


Most people at least like cheese, and a fair few of us adore it. So even if the person you are buying for ends up not being a cheese aficionado, then they will still be able to get some use out of your cheesy gift. And, who knows, perhaps your gift will start them on a life-long quest of cheese adoration!


The person who has everything


Stuck with what to buy for the notoriously difficult family friend? Need to buy your grandparents 'who have everything' a wedding anniversary present? Maybe you're Christmas gift hunting for the awkward uncle? Then look no further than a cheese gift!


The person who already has everything will appreciate a gift which does not take up any space in their house, as you can bet that your luxury cheese gift will be eaten pretty quickly!


Still not sure which cheese gift to get them? That’s where our new cheese subscription comes in… Get different cheeses delivered to your door every month!


If you're looking for the perfect cheese gift for that special someone, then take a look around our website!

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