The best cheese gifts for summer parties

With summer right around the corner, it’s time for summer parties and barbecues with loved ones. As is custom with any sort of get-together, nothing tells your host you’re happy to be there quite like a good gift. While lots of people tend to go for baked goods when it comes to gifts (who has time for that!?) why not go down a different route and give the gift of artisan cheese? It’s a gift your host will not only love but can be used at the party too. Do you know what that means? You get to enjoy the delicious cheese too! But what sort of cheese gift should you get? Keep reading on for the best cheese gifts for summer parties.

The Virtual Pub Gift Box by The Chuckling Cheese Company

Lymn Bank Gift Box


The Lymn Bank gift box allows you to choose up to three kinds of cheese for a personalised cheese gift box. It also comes with a jar of chutney and a pack of biscuits, perfect for munching on while having some bubbles in the sun. If you know that your host can’t stand the sight of horseradish but adores a bit of cheddar, no problem! You get to be in charge of this gift box and the cheeses and chutney you choose. So why not choose cheeses that you know your host will love?


Virtual Pub Box

While The Chuckling Cheese Company is an expert on all things cheese, we’re also craft beer connoisseurs. If you know your host loves a bit of quality beer, why not go for the virtual pub box? The box comes with two bottles of craft beer, pork scratchings, snackalami, snacking cheese and cheddar cheese truckle. What more could you want when it comes to a barbecue? This gift will give your host the wonder of trying a new beer from the comfort of their own home. A definite win for beer and cheese lovers.

Lymn Bank Gift Box
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