Top 3 personalised gifts to give to your mum on her birthday

Your mum does a lot, from offering an understanding ear for your problems to working hard to put food on the table. So, when it comes to buying her a gift for her birthday, any old gift just won't do.


Personalising a gift shows that you have put that little bit of extra thought into your present. Let rushed gifts and last-minute trips to the florist be a thing of the past and get your mum something personal to show her just how much she means to you.

Mums Cheese Hands Off Engraved Oak Cheeseboard by The Chuckling Cheese Company

Engraved chopping and cheese boards


For many, their fondest memories with their mother are often in the kitchen. Whether it be a catch-up over a cup of tea, or core childhood memories of baking and cooking together, many parent-child relationships grow and blossom in the kitchen.


So, on her birthday this year, why not revisit some of these wonderful memories by buying your mum a personalised chopping board or an engraved cheese board? You can personalise it with either the family name or simply the word ‘mum’. Not only does the gift hold sentimental value, but the added personalisation reminds your mum that you found this gift just for her.

Personalised Gin Glass for Mum by The Chuckling Cheese Company

Personalised gin glass


For many, parenting is a full-time job. From making sure everyone is fed and bathed to being a support system and a good role model, no one has ever accused parenting of being easy. So sometimes, it is understandable that even mums need a chance to kick their feet up and relax for an evening. And what a better way to encourage this than getting your mum a personalised gin glass for her birthday!


From getting her name written across it to mark her territory, to leaving a message of appreciation on the glass for her to be reminded of each time she uses it, gin glasses are a thoughtful and cost-efficient gift!


Personalised snack jar


For many, the cookie jar is a family home staple. We all have memories of sneaking into the kitchen to grab a snack before dinner or of mum reminding you that you can't have a cookie until you’ve finished your dinner – there is no escaping the memories of a cookie jar.


Many children wish to grow up sooner so that they can have their own snack jar and snacks whenever they want. But as the transition from childhood to adulthood occurs, this dream becomes lost in a mist of responsibilities. So why not allow your mum to re-live her own childhood by buying her a personalised snack jar for her birthday?


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